How to Have a Good Fashion Sense and Look Fab

If you want to have good fashion sense and look fab without fail, all you really need to do is experiment with fashion and create an outfit that will bring out your best features and assets. One thing you need to remember is:  sometimes, you will encounter clothes that will look good on others but don’t exactly look good on you; you can’t do anything about it except move on. There are a number of factors involved in the reason why some clothes may fit you and some may not which you will learn later on.

In this article, however, you will discover the secrets to having great taste in fashion as well. With so many styles out there, finding something that will suit you perfectly can be misleading. Though once, you’ve mastered the techniques, you will find it much easier to shop and select clothes that will look fabulous on you.

Sift through your closet and organize your clothes – This may seem very much like a plain, old, boring house chore but this will actually set the ground for a quicker and easier way of putting an outfit together. Pull-out everything that’s in your closet and pile them on your bed. Separate the ones you need and still want and those that no longer fit you or don’t like anymore. For those that belong to the ‘fit-and-like-no-longer’ category, place all of them in a carton box or large plastic (which you can either give to charity or earn from it by putting them out for garage sale) For example, back in the 90’s you probably loved wearing those denim jumpers but you’ve grown taller and now they only reach half-way down your legs or you might find clothes that are damaged, stained or just too worn-out for you or someone else to wear; clothes like this can be used as rags otherwise, they belong to the trash bin. For organizing your wardrobe, fold jeans and knits, hang dresses, jackets, coats and shirts and fold and store undergarments in a private section of your closet; While dirty garments should be put away for wash and iron.… Read the rest